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The following seminars/teaching events are currently scheduled:
updated 1/28/17

Please note the following updated information regarding the Chi-Akra Center certification series offerings:

Please see the Practitioner Certification page for complete details of the individual certification series courses. Unless otherwise stipulated, Ms. Wakefield and her partner, MichelAngelo, are the Co-Instructors for Chi-Akra Center seminars.

Please note: unless otherwise specified, all certification series offerings in the Level 1, Somatic, series, i.e., Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture: The New Protocols and Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Archetypes, consist of 2 training modules. All of these certification series offerings are open to acupuncturists and advanced students; please see the diagram of Program Details for specific information as to course flow.  All Somatic level courses, except Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal (the second module of the Advanced certification) may be taken without pre-requisites (although temporary exceptions may be made for the latter).  As a general rule, more advanced level seminars are only offered in Ms. Wakefield’s International GOLD STANDARD FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE® Certification Program, which will relaunch again in 2018.

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture: The New Protocols is a new, standalone seminar created by Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and MichelAngelo to introduce the new material and constitutional and facial needling protocols from Mary Elizabeth’s book, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture (Elsevier UK, 2014). There are no-prequisites for this course.

Additional Note: there is a new entry-level seminar, Foundations of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal, which will be offered by a select group of newly Certified Teachers worldwide. See below for the relevant listings. Practitioners and students wishing to participate in more advanced seminars must complete this training module first.

Going forward, Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo will be offering a new course, Vibrational Acupuncture: Integrating Tuning Forks with Needles, based upon a new book of the same name to be published by Singing Dragon UK in 2018.


Upcoming Events


Small group mentorships at Chi-Akra Center; maximum 6 participants

1.  18-20 and 23-25 February, 2017; Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture certification series (GOLD STANDARD Level 1 training), by invitation only.  Includes extra single day modules on Herbal Adjunct Therapies (20 February) and Non-Needle Modalities (25 February).

2.  Constitutional Facial Acupuncture: The New Protocols, 24-25 and 27-28 March, 2017

Both these events are confirmed; please e-mail Chi-Akra Center with any questions.

Other 2017 events

1. Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture certification series, 3-5 and 10-12 February, 2017, AOMA, Austin, TX.

  • 3-5 February: Foundations of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal, taught by Chi-Akra Center Certified Teacher for TX, Carol Hennessy, L. Ac.
  • 10-12 February: Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal, taught by Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, L. Ac., M. S., M. M.., with Carol Hennessy, L. Ac. (assistant)

Contact Chi-Akra Center for information about course content; all other questions concerning registration, etc., should be directed to Cara Edmond at AOMA.  Online registration is now available.  Both modules must be completed to receive the certification.

2.  Presenter (with MichelAngelo), 2017 Health & Wellness Symposium, Northwestern Health Sciences University, Bloomington, MN, 31 March, 2017.  Topic:  Constitutional Acupuncture Archetypes: Balancing the Health and Well-Being of Face and Body; The Shaoyang Stage. Registration for this event will be available online here in due course. For more information about seminar content, contact Chi-Akra Center.

3.  Facial Soundscapes: Harmonic Renewal, a vibrational constitutional tuning fork facial with Acutonics tuning forks22-24 April, 2017, Shindai Acupuncture, c/o Maloney, Sedona, AZ

  • Also Planetary Vibrational Medicine 1: “Harmonizing the Body Human with the Music of the Spheres,” taught by MichelAngelo, 29 April-1 May, 2017,  Online information and registration here.

Both seminars are open to all qualified healthcare practitioners and interested laypersons; MichelAngelo can provide a reading/study list for study prior to the event for those individuals who are astrological neophytes, although his course will introduce fundamental concepts of astrological interpretation as well as rudimentary techniques for working energetically with natal charts in vibrational bodywork treatments. Contact Chi-Akra Center for information about course content.

Please note: there is a special 10% discount being offered for practitioners who wish to participate in both seminars; see the brochure here.  Contact Chi-Akra Center directly with inquiries; this discount is not available online.

4.  Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Archetypes certification series, 6-7 and 13-14 May, 2017, Southwest Acupuncture College, Boulder, CO. Online registration is available here. Discounts are available for students and practitioners until 19 April, 2017; see the web site for details. Contact Chi-Akra Center directly to receive discounted registration; not available via online portal.

5.  Vibrational Acupuncture: Integrating Tuning Forks with Needles, 6-8 October, 2017, Bastyr University, Kenmore, WA.  Online registration may be found here; contact Chi-Akra Center for information about course content.  This seminar has never before been taught in the Pacific Northwest.

6.  August 2017; 4-city teaching tour of Australia — Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney (details TBA)

7.  2017 Soundscapes Intensive, 10-31 October, 2017, OCHO, Questa, NM.  All 5 training modules will be presented:

  • Facial Soundscapes: Harmonic Renewal; 10-13 October
  • Planetary Soundscapes: The Cosmic Countenance; 15-17 October
  • The Transcendent Face; 19-21 October
  • The Fibonacci Face; 24-26 October
  • “Shifting your Intergenerational Patterns”: GeneAstrology and Vibrational Medicine; 28-31 October

Please contact Chi-Akra Center for all questions regarding course content and registration.  Click here for the program brochure and registration form.  This Intensive will not been offered in 3 years.

8.  Presenter (with MichelAngelo), 2017 Pacific Symposium, Facial Soundscapes: Harmonic Renewal, a vibrational constitutional tuning fork facial with Acutonics Earth, Moon, Sun tuning forksCatamaran Resort Hotel, Mission, Bay, CA, 5 November, 2017. Contact Pacific College for information concerning scheduling and registration; information will be online here in due course.  Contact Chi-Akra Center for information about course content.