Level 3, Spirit

Vibrational Facial Acupuncture Renewal™
2 modules (4-6 days)

Module 1:

The Resonant Face™  (2-3 days)
Open to: acupuncturists, advanced students and M. D. acupuncturists only

  • A brief overview of sound and vibration
  • The Earth tone: unison and octave
    • Archetypes and qualities
  • The Third Ear
    • Hearing vs. sight
    • Why sound is effective for healing
  • Basic tuning fork practicum
    • Proper techniques for holding and resonating forks
    • Self-practice
  • Ancient sounds; the 5 Element correspondences
  • Elemental sound myth meditation
  • The Sacred Marriage of Yin and Yang
    • Needles are from Mars …
    • Tuning forks are from Venus
  • Techniques to integrate tuning forks with acupuncture needles
  • Benefits and contraindications
  • Five Element (sound/needle) “Sound Qi” body protocol
  • New!! Vibrational facial protocol
  • Meditation on the 8 Extraordinary meridians
  • Integration of “Sound Qi” protocol
  • Resonant topical herbal protocol

Module 2:

The Transcendent Face™; (2-3 days)
Open to: acupuncturists, advanced students and M. D. acupuncturists only

  • Planetary myth, archetype and symbolism
  • Planetary intervals and healing qualities
  • Planetary intervals and their relevance to the facial landscapes
  • “da Qi” vs. “da Sound”; transcending the old paradigm
  • The solar and lunar hemispheres of the face; needle and fork
  • Ba liao; the 8 Sacred Seams; facial transcendence
  • Yin/yang “Sound Qi” planetary facial balancing
  • Facial/hara; using needle and fork
  • Full “Sound Qi” facial and body protocol
  • Topical herbal “sound Qi” protocol

Requirements for Level 3 certification:

  • Level 1, Somatic, certifications
    • Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture™, plus additional modules in Constitutional Facial Non-Needle Modalities™ and Herbal Adjunct Therapies™
    • Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Archetypes™
  • Level 2, Alchemical, certification
  • Acupuncturists: modules 1 and 2
  • Non-acupuncturists: n/a

Please note: completion of all 4 certification series is required as a pre-requisite to the forthcoming Teacher Training seminars; if you are interested in becoming a qualified Instructor of these innovative treatment protocols, please contact Chi-Akra Center, chi.akra@gmail.com orchiakra@onebox.com, 1-866-841-9139, x 2444, and additional information will be provided.