Unique, new educational opportunity!!

Updated 2/25/17

The increased interest in Ms. Wakefield’s treatment protocols from an international audience has translated into a lower number of North American seminars being scheduled in recent years.

In order to address this lack, and to continue to be able to offer her unique certification series seminars to interested parties in the US and Canada, especially on the East Coast, Mary Elizabeth is pleased to announce that she will be offering individual or small group mentorship programs at Chi-Akra Center in New York during those times of the year when she is not otherwise engaged in these international teaching events.

Participants will have the unique opportunity of close collaboration with Ms. Wakefield and her teaching partner, MichelAngelo, in an intimate, personal setting, which will afford them a great deal of individual attention and supervision.

Ample time is provided for practical, hands-on experience with the various treatment protocols, and participants benefit from being able to practice the needling and other techniques under the personal supervision of Ms. Wakefield.

Alternative: Small-group Mentorships in Your Area!!

If you cannot travel to New York for a mentorship course or certification series with us, we are also interested in exploring the possibility of scheduling smaller classes in your immediate area.

Ideal attendance would be from 10-15 participants; this requires only the availability of a largish room, with 1 massage table for every 2 students. Everything else will be provided, teaching books, needles, herbal supplies, etc., for use in the seminars.

Tuition (New York):

Given the high level of personal contact and oversight involved in a mentorship program of this nature, participants will be charged accordingly for tuition, which will be reduced incrementally depending upon enrollment (6 students maximum for any given event).  Individual mentorships can be scheduled (see below for a testimonial regarding an individual mentorship).

Tuition (elsewhere):

As an on-site small-group mentorship program will necessitate expenditures for travel and accommodations and living expenses for the two Instructors, and, in a worst-case scenario, rental of a venue plus massage tables, tuition will be adjusted accordingly to reflect these additional costs. If your group can arrange to provide a local teaching venue plus massage tables, tuition will be correspondingly lower. Maximum enrollment: 10-15 students.

Please contact Chi-Akra Center with specific inquiries regarding either of these small-group mentorship options.

Course offerings:

Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture (2 2-day weekend modules):

This certification series presents the core facial acupuncture treatment protocols of Ms. Wakefield’s multi-tiered program, and is the first of the Somatic level certification offerings.  Treatment protocols offered are the Lavier tonification/sedation technique, and motor points for the neck.

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Archetypes (2 2-day weekend modules):

Learn how to treat both face and body with advanced needling techniques based upon the use of motor, trigger and “ashi” points; 6 individual treatment protocols will be presented, based upon the 6 stages of the Shang Han Lun (Taiyang, Shaoyang, etc.), as well as informative material on the psychospiritual profiles of these types.

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture: The New Protocols

This, the newest of our Somatic level certification series offerings, presents the new material and treatment protocols from Mary Elizabeth Wakefield’s book, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture (Elsevier UK).  Protocols offered focus on the use of the origin and insertion of the facial muscles.

Please note: other seminar trainings may be available upon request. Ms. Wakefield will give preferential scheduling opportunities to those individuals and groups who are interested in completing an entire certification series.  Training modules may be scheduled closer together in order to accommodate international practitioners, and those traveling from long distances.

Please direct all inquiries regarding the scheduling of your individual mentorship trainings to MichelAngelo at Chi-Akra Center; chi.akra@gmail.com.

Openings are currently available for an event in March 2017; other events are in the works for June 2017.


Please click here for an unsolicited testimonial received from a former student.

“As far as I am concerned, a mentorship class has exceptional value with Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo.  Spending time with your teacher has far more value than the material itself; the oral lineage is value added.  It’s the relationship with them that adds more meaning.  There was no end to the one-on-one attention to details; all of my questions were thoughtfully addressed, and I received maximum benefit from being with them in person.  This was an extraordinary experience.”

D. M., L. Ac., Roseville, MN, USA

“I feel grateful I had the opportunity to participate in this mentorship experience with Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and MichelAngelo. They definitely are both welcoming people and generous teachers. They have been caring for the needs and expectations of everyone and they’ve gone far beyond what’s in her book.

Since it was such an intimate small group, we received precious practical insights and advice on the techniques. I’ve found my time with them very inspirational in the path of becoming a better constitutional and facial acupuncturist. Merci encore et à la prochaine!

M. H. de G., Ac.
Montreal, QC, CANADA

“I have just returned from New York after an amazing four days of training with Mary Elizabeth & MichelAngelo at Chi-Akra Center. Once again, Mary Elizabeth & MichelAngelo have surpassed all my expectations.

To receive mentorship from two such talented teachers is truly inspiring. Their clearly defined objectives, course material and energetic presentation techniques are excellent. Any questions are answered both thoughtfully and concisely. Their enthusiasm and knowledge are breathtaking, and leavened with both patience and a lively sense of humour. The opportunity to work one-on-one with Mary Elizabeth is something that you will not get anywhere else.

All I can say to anyone thinking about undertaking one of their courses and especially their smaller classes at Chi-Akra Center is, ‘Grab it with both hands’, because you will have a truly amazing experience.”

D. R., Lic. Ac.
Melton Mowbray, Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM

“The mentorship program in Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Archetypes consisted of 4 comprehensive and rewarding days of inspiration and insight. Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and MichelAngelo are a complementary pair of teachers, providing a level of instruction that cannot be found anywhere else. The combination of theory and technique is both unusual and well-designed. There is a great deal of heart energy involved in the teaching, which touches, moves and inspires.”

N. G., Acupuncturist
Copenhagen, DENMARK

“The mentorship experience presents the participants with a high level of professional instruction, both physical and spiritual, with great personal insight offered in the practicum sessions. The teaching and the teachers are purely heart-centered, and there is an amazing beauty in every treatment. Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo have a joyful easy way of teaching that is exceptional.”

L. W., Acupuncturist
Copenhagen, DENMARK

“Thank you, Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo, for a fabulous learning experience, your dedication, the breadth and depth of information, and the caring relationship. Your love and passion for your work springs forth in inspirational guidance, as we apply the knowledge in treatments and experience the results of the same. Your teachings integrate the wisdom of the ancients with contemporary practical application.

Both of you are extremely generous in sharing your insights, as you support each practitioner in advancing deeper into their work. Our patients will be the recipients of this knowledge and enjoy the benefits.

I thoroughly recommend this intimate and personal educational experience with Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo.”

S. R., L. Ac., L. M. S. W., Ph. D., Th. D.
Marietta, GA, USA

“I feel very grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to spend 3 days in New York in a private mentorship with both Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo.  First, I’d like to point out their great care for my needs; they helped me with every step of the process.  That is very kind, and made the entire experience very enjoyable.  Secondly, I was very excited by the inspirational quality of the materials, and their professionalism and spiritual insights and skills.  I learned so much in such a short time!!  They have opened to me a new avenue, not just facial acupuncture, but so many other things that are applicable to my path as an acupuncturist.

Private mentorship is more expensive than attending a big seminar, but it is truly worthwhile, because with the private hands-on experience, Mary Elizabeth can really show you in detail how to palpate certain points and treat them appropriately.  I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to study with them!”

N. N., L. Ac., Houston, TX, USA

“Attending the small group mentorship was a unique opportunity.  I believe that we get much more in such a private learning environment.  Mary Elizabeth is very dedicated and always made sure that all of us understood what was going on.  I returned home truly inspired, and couldn’t wait to start right away to apply what I had learned, even with patients who weren’t specifically interested in facial acupuncture.  Merci, Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo, for your loving kindness and generosity.  I am looking forward to seeing you again soon!!”

I. S., L. Ac., Montreal, QC, CANADA