Testimonials from Colleagues and Students (by course):
Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Archetypes

“Working with Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo has brought another dimension to my practice.  Their authority on the subject of Facial Renewal, and the caring way this information is delivered to those around them, make it a joy to learn from this team of healers.  I am so pleased that the courses address how to bring beauty to the surface from within. That is the magic of working with this dynamic duo!”

K. M., L. Ac., Sedona, AZ, USA

“This was an absolutely phenomenal 4 days!! Mary Elizabeth shared so many valuable “pearls of wisdom” that I am taking away with me, ones that I know will really make an impact in my clinic. It was a perfect combination of learning with lectures, visual demonstrations and hands-on learning and experience. I will definitely be back for future seminars. Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo display real, genuine passion and enthusiasm in their joint endeavors.”

L. L., D. Ac.
Deep River, ON, CANADA

“This course has been incredible. Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and MichelAngelo are motivational and inspirational, and their unique approach has changed the way I will practice acupuncture and TCM. Together, they have exceeded my expectations … their dynamic partnership created an interesting educational program so far beyond the definition of facial acupuncture. I look forward to using these methods with all my patients, and would highly recommend this program to any interested practitioners.”

T. J., R. Ac.
Kelowna, BC, CANADA

“This course was much more than I had anticipated. It was not just an esthetics-based course, but involved all aspects — mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balancing of the individual. Not just another pretty face!!”

L. C., R. Ac.
Vancouver, BC, CANADA

“This is the second 4-day seminar that I have taken with Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo!! I cannot begin to describe the incredible nature of the experience!! Words cannot say!! I learn so much information that cannot only be used for my facial acupuncture patients, but also in my general practice. I have a clearer and more in-depth understanding of the techniques used in needling motor points after this second exposure to the concepts involved. My confidence in adding tuning forks into my treatments has likewise increased. This has, yet again, been a tremendous learning experience and personal journey. Thank you!!”

E. L., R. Ac., R. M. T.
Edmonton, AB, CANADA

“This has been one of the best seminars I have taken since leaving acupuncture school (in 1994). The theory and practice are perfectly balanced, and I really enjoyed Mary Elizabeth’s sharing of her professional experience with her facial acupuncture patients. I will start using my new knowledge tomorrow!! Great course!!”

C. S., R. Ac.
Nanaimo, BC, CANADA

“‘Discovering your Original Face’ was an amazing experience!! Great hands-on experience with Mary Elizabeth Wakefield’s unique needling techniques, and the results were powerful. Can’t wait for the next one …”

J. S.
Calgary, AB, CANADA

“This was by far the best acupuncture seminar I have ever been to! And I have been to many in my time. In fact it was on a level of value to me as a week long live-in seminar I did with Ted Kaptchuk held in Kangaroo Valley back in 1980 or 81!!! What I loved most is that Mary-Elizabeth and MichelAngelo are so REAL!! Very easy to connect with and to receive their energetic “transmissions”. A truely life-changing experience. The course content was also excellent, valuable and readily applicable [with some practice!!!!]

I am looking forward to using it all!!! Thank you again for arranging this wonderful experience.


S.Y., 5 Element TCM, Metaphysical Healer
Forresters Beach, QLD, AUSTRALIA

“It was fabulous! Mary Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher who has a verydeep knowledge of her subject. She and MichelAngelo engaged, educated and entertained us. At the end I felt I understood and could feel comfortable in the practice of the protocols developed by Mary Elizabeth. I’m looking forward to her next seminar.”

D.S., TCM Practitioner,

“Well, for some reason I found myself very emotional this weekend, I’m not sure if last weekend’s WONDERFUL (most beautiful treatment EVER!) treatment from Mary Elizabeth loosened me up, or the fact that I was very stressed about juggling 2 different commitments (working and personal life), and I was very upset by that … but it also shows that Mary Elizabeth really cares about what she is doing, which is why her protocol is so incredibly powerful and works instantly as well as over time.

The ripples from the knowledge I absorbed during the workshops will have far reaching effects into all my treatments and understanding of acupuncture in the future as well as giving me a thirst for more and more truth and understanding.

All seminars should be like this.. hands on, personal etc.. I’ve never felt so connected with other participants in previous workshops or seminars either… A level of intimacy is developed between everyone in the room as the workshop progresses.

That’s my 2 cents worth.. probably I could keep going but I think that about covers it.  I will 100% enroll in any course that Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo run in Australia …”

S. R., TCM Practitioner

Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture

“Exceeds my expectations!!” Both Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo are so eloquent and generous with their knowledge and many precious years of experience. I have learned more in 4 days than a whole term. I am thoroughly excited to apply the protocols within my future practice to help men and women achieve organic beauty, and optimal physical and emotional health.”

P. N. J.
Playa Vista, CA

“The days were long and the information dense, with lots of detail, but the long days flew by, and what was offered was clear and easily absorbed, because Mary Elizabeth, MichelAngelo and their assistants were so engaging, entertaining, inspirting, creative and knowledgeable. I learned so much. I came away excited and motivated, and grateful that I took the time to attend this seminar. I honestly loved it!! Thank you!!”

S. C.
Los Angeles, CA

“I have been extremely impressed by the extensive knowledge and professionalism of Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and MichelAngelo … it was definitely the best seminar that I have taken on facial acupuncture. They are both delightful and have so much wisdom to impart … truly masters of their respective fields.”

F. J.
Los Angeles, CA

“This is not a skin-deep seminar. Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo address the role of overall health in renewing the appearance of the face. This consciousness, coupled with detailed and precise facial needling makes for an intense, but extremely worthwhile, 4 days.”

D. B., L. Ac.
North Shrewsbury, VT

“After taking Mary Elizabeth Wakefield’s seminars, I practiced her system of facial acupuncture on many patients in my clinic, and the results were all positive!! Wrinkles were diminished, faces were lifted and lips were plumped. It works!!

Thank you for your inspiration; you have raised the standards of teaching so high that none of your facial acupuncture teaching peers can compare themselves to you. Your elegance, grace, knowledge and touch are by far superior to anyone else I’ve seen.

Your certification series was like a perfectly orchestrated production. You deserve all the success you have, and more!!”

S. N., L. Ac.
Westminster, CA

Other Testimonials:

“I have had the opportunity to benefit from treatment by Mary Elizabeth Wakefield on several occasions in demonstrations at acupuncture conferences and symposiums. After my first session, I knew that Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal™ was something that I wanted to experience again and again. Highlights include:

  • the feeling of my face being completely nourished;
  • a sensation of firmer skin tone, as well as increased radiance of my complexion and a corresponding enhancement of my Shen (spirit); and
  • a feeling of complete relaxation throughout my body.

It is a beautiful experience, and Mary Elizabeth delivers her powerfully transformative facial renewal protocol with flair, panache, knowledge, skill and love.”

Marilyn Allen, Editor, Acupuncture Today magazine
Director of Marketing, American Acupuncture Council

“Mary Elizabeth Wakefield (and teaching partner/partner MichelAngelo) are the real deal – no arrogance, no overwhelming ambition to “sell” what they are doing – simply and beautifully, an open-hearted attempt to share their knowledge and experience. If you are drawn to learn facial acupuncture as part of treating your patient deeply and constitutionally, I highly recommend their work.”

A. M., L. Ac.,
Frederick, MD

“Mary Elizabeth Wakefield really packs a delightful punch!! … abundance of sound information, clear explanations of protocols, attention with treatments. It’s no wonder she has been voted as best acupuncture teacher.

Thank you so much, Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo … what a delightful, powerful course!!

M. A. T., M. Ac., M. S. N., R. N.

“Ms. Wakefield’s seminars are extremely informative, and cover many aspects of acupuncture – 5 Element, TCM, etc. She has great knowledge of facial acupuncture and possesses a down-to-earth, honest, easy-to-understand teaching style. She is also a good communicator who teaches with great wisdom; she has much compassion toward client and practitioner alike.”

M. M., L. Ac.
Salisbury, MD

“This was one of the most profound courses that I have taken. Mary Elizabeth’s deep understanding of Traditional Oriental Medicine, and her unique ability to translate ancient wisdom with modern approaches made this a riveting class. Her natural sense of humour and her respect for her students encouraged a positive, fun learning environment. I would highly recommend Mary Elizabeth’s course to anyone interested in supporting our health on all levels. Thank you!”

L. T., Dipl. O. M.
Los Ranchos, NM

“Ms. Wakefield’s protocol is the most useful and practical of the 3 facial acupuncture classes that I’ve attendend.”

C. R., D. O. M.
Albuquerque, NM

“To anyone considering study of Constitutional Facial Renewal: this course was professionally and expertly conceived, structured, and administered. Its contents allow the practitioner to take their years of dedicated study and align it to the wants and needs of countless patients. This format builds the patient’s self-esteem, constitution, and health as a whole. The course was taught in an energetic hands-on manner. Layout of this class sets the standard for continuing education in our field of study. Thank you Mary Elizabeth, MichelAngelo, and the Chi-Akra Center organization.”

G.S., M. O. M., M. M. Q., L. Ac.
Houston, TX

“A very wondeful workshop, finally including facial acupuncture as an effective tool to address the mind, emotions and spirit, all within the TCM theory and practice. In light of this, its effectiveness in improving the complexion and physicality of the face seems a mere positive side effect …

I was blown away by the workshop, its content and presentation; Ms. Wakefield and her seminars effectively address the most important disease affecting the human condition … the decline and loss of the human spirit!”

P. H., D. Ac.
Dauphin, MB, CANADA

“This was the best seminar I have attended in my 6 years as an acupuncturist, The information was incredible, and Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo were excellent teachers. I appreciate the willingness to answer all questions and the supportive instruction with needling techniques.”

M. C., D. O. M.
Albuquerque, NM

“Mary Elizabeth Wakefield is an engaging teacher – intelligent, generous and caring. Her Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal course was a well-blended, integrated approach to synergizing body, mind and spirit. I fouund the class informative and enjoyable. I look forward to sharing this work with my clients to enhance the landscapes of each one’s face by addressing their entire body. Multifaceted and fascinating …

Thank you very much, Mary Elizabeth … I will see you again soon!”

S. K., R. Ac.
Columbus, OH

“These seminars gave me the tools I was looking for, not only to help people realize their dreams of a beautiful body and face, but also to help myself become more beautiful and complete. My business will greatly benefit from this valuable service. Thank you, Mary Elizabeth, for your ongoing support and for sharing of yourself and your great store of knowledge!

M. M. D., M. S., L. Ac.
Redondo Beach, CA

“I attended Ms. Wakefield’s seminar simply because two of my patients were willing to pay for the training, as they were very eager to receive facial acupuncture treatments from me. But, the thing that surprised me most was that Mary Elizabeth teaches a truly holistic approach to beauty, from the inside out. I loved this approach … Thanks again, Mary.”

F. J. M., L. Ac.
National City, CA

“This was the best workshop that I have attended so far. Thank you both so much for an informative, fun, transformative weekend. Mary Elizabeth’s spirit shines through and her grace and humor was a pleasure to experience. I can’t wait to study with her again!”

R. R., D. O. M.
Placitas, NM

“The facial renewal course was thorough and informative, as well as fun. I particularly enjoyed the ample time to do hands-on work, which enabled immediate feedback to correct technique. I would recommend this course to any practitioners who have an interest in facial renewal.”

K. N., L. Ac.
San Diego, CA

“[This certification series in Constitutional Facial Renewal was] an eloquently composed lecture/performance by a charming artist/scientist couple.” (Ms. Wakefield and her teaching partner, MichelAngelo)

A. R., L. Ac.
Laguna Niguel, CA

“Ms. Wakefield is beautifully passionate about the knowledge she shares. It is a pleasure to learn from someone who lives what she is doing. She is an animated and energetic instructor who explains things with much creativity. I admire her spirit and communication skills.”

P. S., acupuncturist