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Ms. Wakefield has synergized the knowledge gleaned from her formal and personal studies into a 3-tiered program in Constitutional Facial Acupuncture™; each level of certification includes two distinct modules, both of which are required to complete the certification requirements.

Program Details

In keeping with her personal belief that the treatment of the face, the “window” into the alchemical cauldron that is the body, provides a point of departure for a process of complete renewal at any age, each subsequent tier of the certification process will seek to engage the practitioner/student (and ultimately, the patient) at a more profound level – somatic, alchemical and vibrational – with the goal of harmonizing, healing and transforming the body/mind/spirit.


In Constitutional Facial Acupuncture™, the practitioner treats the entire body, not just the face as a separate entity. Since the face mirrors a person’s physical/emotional/spiritual being, each individual is a walking history book of stresses, abuses and joys.

The intention that informs these treatments is not that of the obliteration of facial wrinkles in order to produce a tight, immobile “mask-like” effect. The practitioner of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture™ seeks to honor the dignity of an individual’s years and accumulated wisdom, by addressing the total person and their constitutional issues – emphasizing a proper diet and exercise, and using herbs and tinctures as a support system. The patient is free to utilize as little or as much of the information provided in the course of a treatment as they desire.

A healthy, shining face is connected to what Oriental medicine terms the Shen, or spirit, and each person is encouraged to take responsibility for their own process, in order to achieve optimum results.