2nd International GOLD STANDARD FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE® Certification Program (2015-16)

“This program … is a chest of sunken treasure spilling over with rubies and pearls.  A good teacher is something rare and profound … both of you have been a huge influence on my work, and have radically shifted my practice as well as my personal life.  I will always be grateful for, and humbled by, your hard-won wisdom and spiritual generosity.  You are precious souls who have lifted the world in so many unseen ways.  I’m very proud to have studied with you, and shared so many meaningful transitions and discoveries.  And I’m also overjoyed to know that there are teachers, like you, who work tirelessly to preserve the sacred heart of acupuncture, which has, at times, been summarily rejected by too many of those who practice this medicine.  You do good work, and you do the work of the good!!  And for that, I thank you deeply.”

H. L., L. Ac., Los Angeles, CA

“The seminars in this Program always surpass my expectations.  The time and effort that Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo have spent in preparation really manifests in their teachings.  I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate the generosity of their knowledge and expertise.  I will be their student for life!!”

M. H. N., L. Ac., Los Angeles, CA

“I have been studying with Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo for several years now in various countries, and would recommend them to all seeking to learn and perfect their skills.  This Program is informative, highly interesting, well researched and comprehensive.  I intend to continue studying with them even after the conclusion of the GOLD STANDARD.  I have very much enjoyed the journey … it’s definitely been my cup of tea!!”

S. R., Acu., London, UK

“I was drawn to this Program because it fulfilled a personal need to better understand the psychospiritual component of health and/or disease, which is always mirrored in the face.  I can honestly say that the class material is comprehensive, covering the Western-defined mechanisms on the one extreme to the metaphysical on the other.  The material is clearly compiled by two people who have spent their lifetimes studying traditional texts, researching innumerable related resources and analyzing personal clinical results.  As this is ostensibly an acupuncture program, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield presents that material, but her partner MichelAngelo adds a wealth of insight concerning Western esoteric practices and psychospiritual dimensions, making the classes all the more interesting and entertaining.

If you are thinking about participating in this Program, be ready and open to changing the way you think.  It is a tremendous opportunity to learn readily accessible, yet powerful, protocols that can change your patients as well as your own countenance, direction and overall well-being.”

O. H. F., L. Ac., Naperville, IL, USA

1st International GOLD STANDARD FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE® Certification Program (2012-13)

“Thank you, Mary Elizabeth and MichelAngelo, for yet another fascinating, inspiring, and motivating series, the GOLD STANDARD FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE® Certification Program. The Gold Standard® approach truly addresses the body, mind, and spirit in an extraordinary manner. It’s a process that transforms one’s entire being! It certainly improves one’s appearance by softening lines, lifting, evening skin tone, and smoothing skin texture. At least as important is its ability to brighten the Shen. It affects the individual on emotional and spiritual levels as well as the physical. I can see it in the eyes of my patients. Their family members have commented on its positive influence on their relationships. Of great significance to me is the manner in which the program has increased my understanding and respect for the aging process and those individuals struggling with it.

I’ve learned so much from you! You possess such brilliance, grace, and charm. It’s obvious that you wish every one of your students to be successful in practice. I appreciate your mentorship – the sharing of your knowledge and experience, your ideas, your guidance and support, along with the challenges posed by the training. I believe it’s made me a better practitioner.”

With sincere gratitude,
P. G., L. Ac., St. Paul, MN, USA

“The GOLD STANDARD FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE® program was the most thorough course I have had the pleasure of taking in my Chinese Medical career. The program designed for two years of course with 4 sessions was a perfect duration to allow for the processing of the practitioner, as well as being able to utilize and practise the protocols in clinic. As an individual who has taken three of the four portions of this course before, I recommend taking them within the Gold Standard® program. There were many additions to the protocols that had not been offered previously that I have found 100% necessary when treating patients. The knowledge given, well, words cannot describe how detailed it truly was, layer upon layer of information dating back to the classics of TCM. What I loved most about the course was growing along-side other individuals, coming from all over the world together! We each grew in our own lives so much through using ourselves as one of our case studies. I cannot remember when this much transition has happened in my life, and what this has accomplished is being much more in tune to patients needs on every level. The results I have gotten with patients through using acupuncture, aromatherapy, gem essences, and vibrational medicine is unlike anything else I have used in the past. Thank-you so much for the most valuable course I believe is out there!”

J. S., R. Ac., Vancouver, BC, CANADA

“Wakefield and MichelAngelo have created a Constitutional Facial Acupuncture™ program that has deeply touched and transformed me. I am a more confident practitioner in my facial acupuncture work, and this sense of surety has spread into all areas of my practice. I know on a deep level that I can help my patients to transform themselves and to radiate their unique beauty from the inside out. My patients now treat me as an expert, and deeply trust me as their guide to living a balanced and vital life. Wakefield and MichelAngelo have given me enough pearls of wisdom, techniques and tools to sustain a lifetime of practice and learning. They are completely committed to nurturing the growth of all of their students, and it’s an honor and joy to work with them. The GOLD STANDARD FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE® Program was a gift to myself that will ‘keep on giving’ throughout my lifetime as an acupuncturist!”

D. H., L. Ac., Denver, CO, USA

“The International GOLD STANDARD FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE® Certification Program has been the single most significant and worthwhile experience of my career … professional, comprehensive, personal, challenging, inspiring, uplifting and, essentially … pure 24 Kt GOLD!!!”

C. N. W., A. P., D. O. M., Tampa, FL, USA

“Thank you, MEW & and MichelAngelo … you opened new therapeutic worlds by offering all the different treatment modalities. You made me aware that facial acupuncture is so much more than needling the face …”

I. v. d. H., acupuncturist/ Professor, Qing Bai Academy of Chinese Medicine, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

“The 2 years of training in the GOLD STANDARD FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE® program really challenged my thinking and totally transformed the way I practice.”

J. C., Physiotherapist/acupuncturist, Upper Hutt, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

“This course was a 2-year journey in personal and professional transformation. Technically, the protocols and needling techniques opened my mind to new ways of treating. Personally, the treatments elevated and transformed old ways of being.”

M. M. C., acupuncturist, Mount Gravatt, QLD, AUSTRALIA