Notice to Practitioners and the Public:

As we are hosting our new Chi-Akra Center web site on a Word Press platform, it has become rather more difficult to manage the large tabular pages that MichelAngelo has created in the past in MS Front Page and Microsoft Expression for our US and International Practitioner Referrals listings.

Accordingly, you will find below links to PDF files created from our original Word tables; this is where you, the practitioner, will locate your current Referrals listing.  These listings are also available to members of the public seeking a practitioner in their area.  The e-mail and web site hyperlinks are functional.

Advisory for Practitioners:

Until further notice, the minimum requirement for listing on the US Practitioner Referrals pages is completion of an entire Level 1, Somatic, certification series; these include Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Archetypes, and Constitutional Facial Acupuncture: The New Protocols. Details of these various certification series offerings may be found on the Practitioner Certification page.

**Please be advised that our essential purpose in continuing to provide this referrals database (the maintenance of which is time-intensive, and continues to be free of charge) is so that potential clients may locate a practitioner in their area, and we may contact you regarding future seminars and other opportunities. If your listing is not current for a 6 month period, it will be deleted.  Be advised, as well, that unsubscription from any of our e-mail lists, through Constant Contact, Mailchimp, etc., will result in your removal from these referral listings, unless you re-subscribe.

Note: key to practitioner certification level is located at the bottom of the respective pages.

Certified Practitioners: Alaska-District of Columbia

Certified Practitioners: Florida-New Mexico

Certified Practitioners: New York-Wisconsin

Certified Practitioners: International