192 hours of Continuing Education and Training

with Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, L. Ac., M. S., M. M.
and MichelAngelo, M. F. A., C. T. M.,

The GOLD STANDARD FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE® certification program is the most comprehensive and advanced training program of its kind available in the world today.  Click here for a brochure regarding the 3rd GOLD STANDARD® Program.  Registration is available now online on the Northwestern Health Sciences University web site, but you can also download the registration form here.

We call it the “gold standard” because it raises the bar, and is designed to provide the highest level of training in facial acupuncture. Our mission is to standardize competency, and to encourage expertise in this burgeoning field. This certification program customarily takes place in spring and autumn, bi-annually, and it will provide you with a process of learning that allows time for practice, assimilation and integration of each module into a pre-existing acupuncture practice. Ongoing support will be provided between training modules; questions will be answered and suggestions given to foster confidence, competence and to further facilitate the learning process. This certification is comprised of three parts:

  1. Body; The Somatic Level
  2. Mind; The Alchemical Level
  3. Spirit; The Vibrational Level

These three parts are further broken down into 8 modules of associated training, each consisting of 3 days; the Somatic level comprises 4 of the 8 training modules, which are designed to be taken in sequential order. All the parts overlap and interweave, and should not be viewed as being purely linear phenomena.

Registration will be limited, due to the comprehensive nature of this certification program. All participants must be acupuncturists who have graduated/will graduate from an accredited US school – or its equivalent, for international participants.



Learn to address the body and its physical manifestations of imbalance; also reflect on the grounding and comfort with our own bodies on the Earth. A grounded presence within the body promotes the capacity for learning, awareness, a sense of being present, and the ability to manifest what is required for survival and prosperity in the physical world. Without this feeling of well-being and groundedness, health, happiness and a balanced nature are difficult to maintain. Addressing the issues of soma first facilitates a smoother transition into the other levels.

Module 1, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal™/Herbal Therapies & Essential Oils (new material included)
  • An overview and introduction to The Wakefield Technique™
  • History of facial acupuncture, benefits and contraindications
  • Chinese physiognomy
  • Facial needling techniques according to acupuncture energetics and muscle function
  • Gold and silver needles for tonification and sedation techniques
  • The Eight Extraordinary meridians; physical, emotional and psychospiritual treatment principles
  • Identification of meridian involvement in the aging process
  • Introduction to the Kidney spirit points
  • Topical Chinese herbal protocols for facial acupuncture treatments
  • Herbal treatments for dermatological syndromes, e.g., acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  • An essential oil Materia Medica
  • Lifestyle recommendations and changes for patients
  • A full Facial Renewal™ protocol, integrating all the techniques
  • Homework: Business Forum checklist
Module 2, Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal™/Non-Needle Modalities (new material included)

You will learn the basics and become grounded in the constitutional aspects of facial acupuncture. Facial acupuncture protocols, targeting acu-muscle points, recommended constitutional treatment approaches, facial syndromes, herbal therapies and lifestyle counseling, plus non-needle techniques, such as the following: microcurrent, facial massage, sound therapy, and an overview of light-emitting diodes (LED’s) and laser therapy will be presented. Guidelines about usage of these non-needle techniques for each state, and associated acupuncture organizations, will be discussed.

  • Energetics of the face
  • The Three Treasures
  • Skin aging; the Chinese and Western medical models
  • The function of facial motor points: an Oriental medical perspective
  • 24 facial motor points and usage
  • Advanced needling techniques; intradermals, scar therapy, “wrapping around the bone”, needle depth and insertion techniques and more
  • Contraindications and benefits
  • Five Element pathology and constitutional points
  • Non-needle treatments; microcurrent, facial massage, sound therapy, and an overview of LED and laser usage
  • Facial “somato-emotional” exercises for patients
  • Physiognomy: “Balancing the corpus callosum”
  • Homework: 2 case studies integrating the information and skills from both modules 1 and 2
Module 3, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Archetypes™: The 3 Yangs

Understand the 6 Energies or Stages described in the Shang Han Lun, and as further elaborated in the Ling Shu, the Nei Jing, and in French acupuncture texts. The archetypal nature of Taiyang/Shaoyang/Yangming (the 3 Yangs) and the Taiyin/Shaoyin/Jueyin (the 3 Yins) is discussed. The impact of these patterns upon your patients’ constitution, physiognomy, general health, attitude, behavior, and life choices is practically outlined. Motor, trigger and “ashi” points for both face and body, as well as protocols for root treatments and psychospiritual issues are presented in depth.

  • Definition of archetypes within the context of Oriental medicine
  • The 6 Stages of the Shang Han Lun; an overview
  • Definitions of motor, trigger and “ashi” points; similarities and differences
  • Determining the dominant archetypes for the 3 Yangs – Taiyang, Shaoyang and Yangming – by examining personal expression, complexion, physiognomy, temperament, health imbalances and aging tendencies
  • Contraindications and benefits
  • Charts and diagnosis: advanced needling techniques for face and body for each specific constitutional archetype – Taiyang, Shaoyang, Yangming
  • Hormones and the Eight Extraordinary meridians for the 3 Yangs
  • Recommended points for treating the root and psychospiritual support for each Yang stage
  • Specific needling techniques for “ashi”, motor and trigger points
Module 4, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Archetypes™: The 3 Yins
  • The 6 Stages of the Shang Han Lun and the 3 Yins – Taiyin, Shaoyin and Jueyin
  • Archetypal qualities, personalities, emotional tendencies and manifestation of health-related imbalances for these “Sensitive Ones”
  • Hormones and the Eight Extraordinary meridians for the 3 Yins
  • Face and body points for the 3 Yins; “ashi”, motor and trigger points, as well as root treatments and psychospiritual points
  • Integration of all the 6 Stages; how to discern usage, and identify which particular archetype to treat
  • Homework: 3 case studies integrating the information and skills from both modules 3 and 4

Address the mind and psycho-emotional issues to encourage the transformation of unhealthy belief systems. It should be noted that this transformation is not limited to the patient, but in keeping with the Eastern and Western alchemical traditions, the practitioner, as alchemist, likewise partakes of this evolutionary process. Intention and clarity are paramount when you view mind/body issues such as the unnatural replication of cells as in cancer, genetic programming and “old tapes.”

New facial acupuncture protocols are introduced, emphasizing the transformational aspects of Chinese medicine and the ancient roots of Taoist philosophy.

Module 5, The Alchemy of Healthy Aging: “Sparking the Shen”™

Focus on the kindling of spirit fire, or Shen, and view the face as being a key part of the alchemical process. Learn to synergize Eastern and Western alchemical traditions, with the introduction of essential oils for the Eight Extraordinary meridians. A new alchemical facial acu-muscle protocol that emphasizes intention and an awareness of cellular memory will be utilized in combination with more advanced Chinese physiognomy, focusing on the 13 Taoist positions of the central corridor of the face. Also learn how to incorporate Qi Gong exercises into your practice.

  • The face as a key to alchemical transformation
  • Western alchemy: “As without, so within”
  • Eastern alchemy: “The body is a vessel”
  • Stages of inner alchemy
  • Chinese physiognomy:
    Timescapes: Woman and Man
    Central corridor: the 13 Taoist positions
  • The embryological order of the Eight Extraordinary meridians
    The alchemical Eight Extraordinary meridians; beyond pathology
    Reservoir of Qi function
  • The Bagua and its relationship to Qi (Early and Late Heaven Bagua)
  • Essential oil Materia Medica for master and coupling points
  • Benefits and contraindications for Alchemical Facial Acupuncture Renewal™
  • The 3 Treasures: Taoist Path – Treatment Introduction
  • General rules for Alchemical Facial Acupuncture Renewal™: Reflecting the 3 Treasures
  • Cellular memory
  • New!! An alchemical facial acupuncture protocol, needling diagrams and charts
  • Alchemical Facial Renewal™ and constitutional treatment points from the physical and psychospiritual perspective
  • Exercises: Qi Gong: the 6 healing sounds
  • Homework: Documented daily practice of the 6 healing sounds
Module 6, The Alchemy of Healthy Aging: “Transforming the Shen”™

Transform the Shen of both you, the practitioner, and the patient. Learn how to use essential oils on transformational spirit points, such as the 13 Ghost (Gui) points, 12 Spirit points, and the 3 Shens. Be introduced to “rarely used” neck and facial points, an alchemical cultivation protocol, orally transmitted by a Taoist master, Qi Gong exercises, and microcosmic orbit breathing, among other treatments.

  • A definition of transformation
  • Transformational Spirit points
  • Gui; Ghost points
  • An Ode on Needling the Ghost Points – Sun Si Miao
  • The Number 13
    The 12 Spirit points
  • Introduction: “alchemy in action”
  • Indications and essential oil Materia Medica for the 12 Spirit points
  • The Windows of the Sky points
  • “Mu-Shu” Tango; using Kidney spirit points
  • The Ba liao: the 8 sacred seams
  • “Lacing the 3 Jiaos”; an alchemical cultivation of the 3 elixir fields
  • An Immortality Treatment: “liberating spirit from matter”
  • The 3 Shens: scalp points for transforming the Shen; essential oil usage
  • Additional alchemical treatment points; rarely used face and neck points
  • Alchemical initiation: planetary ladder of ascent
  • Exercises: microcosmic orbit breathing techniques
  • Homework:
  • 2 case studies, integrating information and skills from module 5 & 6

Learn to address the spirit via the use of sound. As both professional classical musicians and acupuncturist/sound healer, we have found that sound is very direct and immediately impacts the patient and the practitioner. At this level we are no longer “doing” the treatment; rather, we are “being” the treatment. This is why the grounding of Part 1, the Somatic level, and the transformational qualities of the Alchemical level are integral and essential pre-requisites for this Vibrational level.

Sound provides instantaneous healing; it is both gentle and powerful, especially when coupled with acupuncture needling. This combination stimulates a “vibro-electric” effect, which activates a heightened spiritual consciousness that can connect us to our hearts and unconditional compassion.

Module 7, The Resonant Face™

The Resonant Face™ introduces you to concepts of sound and resonance, and instruction in the use of Earth, Moon and Sun tuning forks. Learn special acu-sound techniques for integrating the tuning forks and acupuncture needles, a special acu-sound Resonant Face protocol and the treatment of facial syndromes, acu-sound auricular therapy points, and protocols for harmonizing the 3 Treasures (Jing, Qi and Shen), among others.

  • Introduction: What do we mean by the “resonant” face??
    An overview of sound, resonance and tuning forks
    The resonance of intention and memory
    The Earth, Moon and Sun
  • Myths
  • Archetypal qualities
  • The sacred intervals
    The Third Ear
    Hearing vs. sight
    Why sound is effective for healing
  • Contraindications and benefits for acu-sound treatments
  • Practical basics: tuning fork practicum
    How to hold, activate and use tuning forks on the body
  • Specialized acu-sound techniques:
    Grounding protocol with Ohm Earth forks or 3 Treasures gem tips
  • The Eight Extraordinary meridians and 5 Element Planetary Essential Oil protocol
  • Specific harmonic combinations for facial syndromes
  • Auricular sound therapy: balancing the corpus callosum
  • Acu-sound Sacred Mudra meditation: balancing the 3 Jiaos
  • An integrated treatment protocol for The Resonant Face
Module 8, The Transcendent Face™

The Transcendent Face™ introduces sacred geometry and tuning forks based upon the 5 Element correspondences found in the Nei Jing, with their associated frequencies, intervals, archetypal qualities and applications. Learn to further integrate the use of these 5 Element planetary tuning forks (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) with acupuncture needling. Understand the usage and efficacy of 5 Element planetary gem elixirs to treat the Eight Extraordinary meridians, as well as a Japanese hara treatment, and a unique Transcendent Face protocol. See why these protocols are highly effective, and establish a vibrational and transcendent relationship with your patient’s body.

  • Introduction: A Definition of Transcendence
  • Sacred geometry: divine harmony, patterns and proportion
  • Planetary myth and symbolism
    The 5 Element planets of Chinese medicine; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
  • The Art of Musical Intervals
    5 Element Planetary combinations, intervals, functions and frequencies
    5 Element planets: physiology, anatomy and pathology
  • Integrating planetary tuning forks with needles
    “de Qi” vs. “the vibe”
  • The Eight Extraordinary meridians: Acu-sound 5 Element Planetary treatment protocols
  • Introduction: 5 Element Planetary Gem Elixirs
  • Treatment protocols: Micro gem tips and gemstones
  • Acu-sound 5 Element hara palpation and treatment
    The vibrational hara
  • The Transcendent Face: vibrational facial protocol
  • Horary points and the biological clock
  • Sacred geometry: 5 Element horary points and constitutional treatment points
  • The QuintEssentials 5 Element Star Treatment Initiation
  • Front and back grounding protocols
    The Star
    The Human Tuning Fork
  • Topical Chinese herbal treatment protocols

Please note: at the end of these 2 final modules, a “living” test will be administered to all the participants. Plan to stay for the duration of the final days of the program; do not leave until the next day. There will also be a celebratory dinner afterwards.